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76 Motivating Voting Quotes for the first time voters!(Updated)

76 Motivating Voting Quotes for the first time voters!(Updated)

Voting Quotes?

Voting Quotes for election?

Quotes on Voting?

After searching the Internet with these keywords, are you still looking for voting quotes you can relate to?

If yes, then heave a non-existential sigh of relief! Whether you are a first time voter or someone who has voted regularly, we at CaptionWala, have found the solution to your caption worries.

Click a decent photograph, edit it as you like, put one of these voting quotes, and urge the remaining of the population to vote. Do your duty as a responsible citizen, at least two out of hundred will follow you.

Jai Hind!

Use Original, Use CaptionWala!

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Some Inspiring Voting Quotes for Election:

In this period of elections, inspire your friends, family, followers, and workers to go and cast their vote. Responsibility is not given it needs to be taken.

One Word Vote Captions:

  • Inked
  • Vote
  • Power
  • Voice
  • Choice
  • Future
  • Change
  • Democracy
  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Hope

My First Vote Status:

  • “Today, I exercised my right to vote for the first time. A small step for me, but a big leap for democracy!”
  • “Feeling empowered as I cast my first vote. Let our voices be heard, and let change begin!”
  • “First-time voter, making a difference one ballot at a time. #ProudToVote”
  • “Celebrating my first vote! It’s not just a privilege; it’s a responsibility we all must embrace.”
  • “Stamped my first vote today. Honored to contribute to shaping the future of our nation.”
  • “From a first-time voter to everyone out there: Your vote matters, so go out and make a difference!”
  • “Today, I joined the league of voters. Excited to be part of the democratic process!”
  • “Feeling a sense of empowerment as I mark my first vote. It’s time to make our voices count.”
  • “To all the first-time voters out there, let’s stand together and create the change we believe in!”
  • “First vote, a milestone in my journey as a responsible citizen. Let’s make democracy work for us!”
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My First Vote Captions:

  • My first vote is my first step towards a better future.
  • I’m voting for a better tomorrow.
  • I’m making my voice heard.
  • I’m using my power to make a difference.
  • I’m choosing a better future for myself and my community.
  • I’m voting for change.
  • I’m voting for equality.
  • I’m voting for freedom.
  • I’m voting for hope.
  • I’m voting for the future I want to see.
  • I’m voting for the values that matter to me.
  • I’m voting for the people who will fight for my rights.
  • I’m voting for a better world for my children.
  • I’m voting because it’s my right.
  • I’m voting because it’s my responsibility.
  • I’m voting because it matters.
  • I’m voting because I believe in the power of democracy.

Short Voting Quotes:

  • Do your bit and then let the economy do theirs!
  • Go by their actions, not words. Chose right.
  • Start thinking about your future now, do vote the best now.
  • Inked for my country!
  • I voted! Did you?
  • Give power to the one who does more than he/she says.
  • Everyone will loose if we, the citizens, act the way we should.
  • Don’t let your future be in jeopardy. Elect freely!

Short Voting Captions for Instagram:

  • My vote is my power.
  • I use my voice to make a difference.
  • I choose a better future.
  • Change starts with me.
  • Democracy is a gift.
  • Equality is a right.
  • Freedom is priceless.
  • Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Vote for a better tomorrow.
  • Make your voice heard.

Voting Quotes for First Time Voters:

  • You are given the power to elect, make sure you select someone who takes you to heights.
  • Decide your future, vote and select the best for you and your country.
  • Maybe your one precious vote may choose someone not worthy of power, wealth, and stardom. Go Vote!
  • Enjoy the fruits of a democratic country by choosing a preferably good candidate to run the country not a single party.
  • Don’t resent the next years complaining about the roads, infrastructure, educational system, business, and everything which circles around the government. Do your duty today, go vote!
  • Voting Day is never a holiday. Go Vote!

For additional quotes from thought leaders, click here.

First Time Vote Status:

  • Stepping into the ballot booth for the first time – a small step for me, a giant leap for democracy. #FirstTimeVoter
  • Today, I cast my vote for the first time, a pledge to be the change I wish to see in my country. #FirstTimeVoter
  • First-time voter, ready to make my voice heard and shape the future of my nation. #DemocracyInAction
  • Celebrating the privilege of voting for the first time – because every ballot counts in building a brighter future. #FirstTimeVoter
  • Today marks my debut in the world of voting. Excited, proud, and ready to contribute to the tapestry of democracy. #FirstTimeVoter
  • As a first-time voter, I stand tall, ready to weave my aspirations into the fabric of our nation’s destiny. #NewBeginnings
  • From observer to participant – today, I take my place in the democratic process as a first-time voter. #CivicDuty
  • Stepping into adulthood with a sense of responsibility – casting my first vote for the nation’s progress. #FirstTimeVoter
  • On this historic day, I cast my inaugural vote, a testament to the power of one voice in a sea of democracy. #FirstTimeVoter
  • As a first-time voter, I embrace the privilege and responsibility of shaping the future I want to see. #YouthInAction

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Need more muses?

Maybe, if you don’t vote you’ll loose the right to complain about where the nation is heading today.

Maybe, if you don’t vote you’ll loose right to secure future for your loved ones.

Maybe, if you don’t vote you’ll loose right to entitlement.

So, a humble request to take wise decision and go make your vote count to make India and this world a beautiful place to live in.

Go with your friends, family, colleagues to do what you are morally obliged to do : Vote!

Do not let this opportunity to choose and elect the right person pass.

#VoteKar India!

If you want us to write personalized captions for yourself or the company, drop us a mail or call us, let’s get your brand a voice!

Happy Voting!

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