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19 Romantic Captions for Propose Day!

19 Romantic Captions for Propose Day!

Captions for Propose Day?

Should I pop the question?

Should I bend on my knees or text her?

Or maybe, I’ll write a letter?

Question, question, and a lot of questions!

Propose Day brings its own set of anxieties and butterflies. For every couple out there, although you don’t celebrate the entire year of togetherness, celebrating Valentines week has somewhat become mandatory.

So we here we are at your disposal!

Captionwala brings to you some drool-worthy captions for Propose Day to take your loved one on cloud nine. Use these while adding your personal touch and impress your beloved…

Use Original, Use Captionwala!

Some Splendid Captions for Propose Day:

Short Captions for Propose Day:

  • You taught me what love was, what care was, what a real home felt like.
  • Together, Forever & Always…
  • You lit me up.
  • I loved you maybe forever, it only surfaced now…
  • She caught the whiff of his perfume, she immediately knew he was standing behind the door with a bouquet of roses.
  • He finally said yes! It took his mother 20 years to convince him to marry his childhood friend…
  • I propose to love forever and till infinity.
  • Maybe, you’ll realise years later that I was the only one who could tolerate someone like you.
  • Don’t take my heart for granted as it beats only for you..
  • I don’t plan to love you only in your happy times. I’ll love you even when you are unlovable..
  • He proposed. She rejected! He proposed again. She rejected again! Convincing a five year old for a barber date was indeed tough…
  • Love was never limited to boundaries. He felt her even though they were miles away.
  • With you, I feel freedom. Does it feel the same when you are in love?
  • There are tough times when all I wish is to give up. Your words ‘I trust you’ somehow enters slowly. Immediately  I stand up, for you, for us…
  • Hey, I hereby pledge to love you even in those moments when you feel vulnerable, I’ll be there with you always.

Romantic Captions for Propose Day:

  • He coughed loudly to gain her attention. She looked up from her book only to find him on his knees. ‘I love your book Dia. Can you give it to me?’ giggled Rohit. She kicked him hard, for she knew he would never ever propose to her. They loved each other madly but it was all in the actions. Words were never their thing.
  • Candles, Balloons, roses, her favourite red velvet cake everything was checked. He finally proposed to her photo hanging on the wall.
  • It was difficult for them to stay apart from each other as they lived in a joint family. Where proximity didn’t work, shy smiles and winks stole the show.
  • Actually, I didn’t know when I started waiting anxiously for your call. Initially, I felt it was just for the bond we share. Maybe, today I realised that I was madly, deeply, and insanely falling for you…

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Captions for Propose Day are all we have to offer to you this Valentines Week to make your proposal effective and powerful.

These captions would definitely come handy if you already have an idea to propose. Let the whole world know what you feel for her/him. Today is the day! Go for it!

If you wish us to write customized captions for you then don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help.

Happy Propose Day!


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