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42 Instagram Gujarat Day Wishes Captions in English and Gujarati

42 Instagram Gujarat Day Wishes Captions in English and Gujarati

May 1, 1960 was a historical day for all the people of Gujarat. On this day, Gujarat was separated from Bombay and it became a state. Every year, Gujarat day is celebrated on May 1 to commemorate this event and celebrate the spirit and culture of Gujarat.

Let’s show our love and affection apart from the best things Gujju’s do – garba with these Gujarat Day Captions.

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Gujarat Day Quotes:

  • “Gujarat is not just a state, it’s a feeling of unity, diversity and progress.”
  • “The land of the Mahatma, Gujarat has always been a torchbearer of truth and non-violence.”
  • “Gujarat’s rich culture, vibrant traditions and warm hospitality make it truly incredible.”
  • “On Gujarat Day, let’s celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that this great state is known for.”
  • “From the majestic Gir Forest to the stunning white desert of Kutch, Gujarat’s natural beauty is simply mesmerizing.”
  • “Gujarat is a land of opportunity, where hard work and determination can take you to great heights.”
  • “The people of Gujarat have always stood strong in the face of adversity and emerged victorious.”
  • “Gujarat’s contribution to India’s economy and development is immeasurable.”
  • “Let’s cherish the rich history and cultural heritage of Gujarat, and work towards building a brighter future for generations to come.”
  • “Happy Gujarat Day! May the state continue to prosper and shine bright like a diamond.”

Gujarat Day Wishes:

  • On the occasion of Gujarat Day, I wish all the people of this great state a very happy and prosperous year ahead!
  • Happy Gujarat Day to everyone! Let’s take pride in our culture, heritage and traditions, and continue to work towards progress and development.
  • May the land of Gujarat always be blessed with peace, prosperity and happiness. Happy Gujarat Day to all!
  • Sending my warmest wishes to the people of Gujarat on this special day. May the state continue to shine and prosper in all aspects of life.
  • On Gujarat Day, let’s come together to celebrate the spirit of unity and diversity that defines this great state. Wishing everyone a very happy and joyful day!
  • Happy Gujarat Day to all my fellow Gujaratis! May the state continue to grow and prosper in all spheres of life, and may we always take pride in our rich cultural heritage.
  • Let’s commemorate the birth of Gujarat and cherish the remarkable journey that this state has taken. Happy Gujarat Day to all!
  • Sending my heartfelt wishes to the people of Gujarat on this special day. May the state continue to scale new heights of success and achievement in the years to come.
  • On this auspicious occasion of Gujarat Day, I pray that the state and its people continue to thrive and flourish, and that we always stand united in the face of any challenge.
  • Happy Gujarat Day to everyone! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the glorious history, vibrant culture and rich traditions of this great state, and work towards creating a better future for all.

Two-Word Gujarat Day Captions:

  • Aye Haloo…
  • Just Vibing
  • Aapnu Gujarat

Gujarat Day Captions Quote Wishes:

If you take pride in being a Maharashtrian and you want to celebrate and share this sense of pride and joy with the others of your community, here are a few quotes and wishes on Gujarat by Captionwala for you to share on Gujarat Day:

  • Let us always remember the rich heritage of Gujarat and take pride in calling yourself Gujarati. Warm wishes on Gujarat Day to all.
  • On Gujarat Day, I hope and pray to see the state achieve greater success. Happy Gujarat Day 2023.
  • Let Us Celebrate the Glory, Greatness, and Grace of Gujarat on This Special Day. Wishing Everyone a Happy Gujarat Day.
  • Let’s celebrate Gujarat Day together and carry forward the culture, traditions and customs of the state. 
  • On Gujarat Day, Warm Greetings and Best Wishes to the People of Gujarat.
  • On this jovial day, on a jovial note, Happy wishes from us to you.
  • So many beautiful states in India- I would still choose to be born in Gujarat if given an option! Happy Gujarat Day.
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Gujarat Day Caption Slogans:

The land of the greatest leaders, flourishing business, rich culture of food and clothing, and the sweetest people has always been admired by the world. Here are a few Gujarat day slogans that you can use as caption on your social media posts:

  • Salutations to Mother Gujarat on the occasion of Gujarat Day. Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.
  • The Jewel of the West, Gujarat is the pride of India. May this year bring more glory and achievement to our much-loved state.
  • Gujarat is the pride of India. May this year bring more glory and achievement to our cherished state
  • Breathe in a bit of Gujarat – Amitabh Bachchan
  • Kuchh din toh Gujariye Gujarat mein – Amitabh Bachchan
  • Proud Gujju, Proud Me
  • Khushbu Gujarat ki – Amitabh Bachchan

Gujarat Day Wishes in Gujarati:

Gujaratis have always felt pride in asserting their love for their ethnicity, culture, and language. If you are one of them, the best way to express it is through the use of your own mother tongue in wishing Gujarat day. Here is a list of the messages and wishes of Gujarat day by Captionwala in Gujarati:

  • મને ગર્વ છે હુ ગુજરાતી છું, ગુજરાતી મારી ભાષા છે, આખુ ગુજરાત મારુ ઘર છે.
  • ગુજરાત સ્થાપના દિવસ….હર ગુજરાતીઓ ને સન્માન અને ગર્વ કરવાનો દિવસ
  • આજે ગુજરાત નો સ્થાપના દિવસ છે..સૌ ગુજરાતીઓને ખુબા ખુબ અભિનંદન…
  • મને ગુજરાતી હોવાનો ગર્વ છે કારણ કે આ રાજ્ય જે સમૃદ્ધ સાંસ્કૃતિક વારસો ધરાવે છે!
  • ભારતમાં ઘણા સુંદર રાજ્યો- જો વિકલ્પ આપવામાં આવે તો હું ગુજરાતમાં જન્મવાનું પસંદ કરીશ!

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With these quotes, messages, and wishes you can express your feeling of love, respect, and awe towards your state and show the world how proud you are of being a Gujarati!

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Happy Gujarat Day!

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