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22 Instagram Captions for Hug Day!

22 Instagram Captions for Hug Day!

I searched for light

In the abyss of darkness,

It was lonely and exhausting

To search for something

something that never existed,

Suddenly, you rushed into my arms,

I found my missing piece back,

I thought I found myself back…

To such poems and captions where your express your feelings, Captionwala is at your service. Search for the caption which is best suited to you and let your feelings flow.

Offer your better half the most precious thing you can, time and attention.

Bringing us these personalized captions for Hug Day straight from the wardrobe of CaptionWala – The World of Creative Captions!

Use Original, Use Captionwala!

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Some Classy Captions for Hug Day:

Whether it’s a single line text or a book, we know words would sometimes fail to describe what you feel for your better half. These captions for hug day would surely ease your pain.

Short Captions for Hug Day:

  • I feel at home when you hug me..
  • A Hug – gesture which can melt even an age-old fight.
  • Somewhat, Hugs pave the way for a surreal feeling.
  • Happy Hug Day. May you get lots of hugs from your loved ones.
  • Always, I have valued you more than anything else.
  • Won’t leave you even after you hug me, it just feels right.
  • Never knew what peace felt until you wrapped me in your arms.
  • Precious wishes for precious people. A big hug to those who need it.
  • Cuddling with you is something I miss while you are away…
Captions for Hug Day
Source: Freepik

Long Captions for Hug Day:

  • Hugs are meant to be felt and cherished daily, Hug day is to celebrate the warmth of this amazing gesture.
  • He: It’s Hug day today. She: What have you bought for me? He: You will have to Hug me for they hug, a sound pops up saying I love you)
  • Let’s hug all our loved ones’ today and let them know how precious they are.
  • Do you know, Hugs have been relaxing always, that’s why we tend to meltdown every time someone hugs us.
  • I don’t believe how I meltdown so easily when you hug me. I was freaking angry ya.
  • You know what I prefer, being the only one whom you think of when you want to hug and share something.
  • We were never meant to be away. I miss you and the feeling of bliss when you embraced me in your arms. I miss that. I miss us!
  • Come to me if you ever feel low. I’ll embrace you in a tight hug until your face glows.
  • Your innocence makes me do things for you which I never thought of. Hugging you was one of those.
  • He hugged her tight which somehow proved how much he missed her…
  • When in love, hug her like you want her to know how special she is to you in that fraction of a moment..
  • Sometimes, when I miss you, I hug that shirt which you used to wear at night. It soothes my nerves somehow like you did when you were alive.
  • Embracing someone was never my thing, but when I felt you in my arms, trust me, I felt complete.

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Use these Captions for Hug Day on your profile:


Use any of these amazing captions for hug day and impress your loved one.

This Valentine’s week we have got you all covered. Writing long text or short won’t be an issue anymore.

Captionwala ensures to provide original and authentic content for all the users. Put any of these captions along with the needed hashtags on your social media handle and let us know the response you get.

If you need captions on any particular category, do let us know. We are all ears.

Happy Hug Day!

Featured Image: Freepik

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