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44 Amazing Quarantine Captions for Instagram – COVID-19.

44 Amazing Quarantine Captions for Instagram – COVID-19.

Quarantine Captions for Instagram!

We’ve been hit by a pandemic- COVID 19 and the consequences are just in front of you. Doctors, Police Officers, and all workmen are out there to protect us risking their lives. While they’re doing their duty, let’s do ours by staying at home.

So, for all of the Social freaks, fret not as we have curated a list of special Quarantine Captions for Instagram for you.

Ye Waqt bhi Guzar Jayega!

Use Original, Use CaptionWala!

Some of the best Quarantine captions for Instagram:

Bringing you some of the best self-isolation captions to help you pass this test of life smoothly.

One Word Quarantine Captions for Instagram:

  • Quarantined!
  • Quarantine-Katha!
  • Quarantine-Memories!

Short Quarantine Captions for Instagram:

  • Create don’t berate.
  • Safety wins over.
  • We’ll make this work.
  • This too shall pass. – Anonymous
  • Eating ain’t a hobby. FYI!
  • You’ll be fine in a matter of time.
  • When you feel low think of people who aren’t even in their home.
  • Today is the day you’re getting a chance to do your bit, be selfless.
  • If they can do it, you can always.
  • Smile! And you’ll feel happy.
  • Always remember, all this is happening for you.
  • Life right now is what you dreamt of. Live it, man!
  • There is nothing as tomorrow for things you should do today.
  • Main aur meri tanhai, aksar ye baatein kiya karti hai.
  • Work, Good Food, Family, what else do you need?
  • This phase, although we’re cringing about it, won’t last long.
  • Life never felt so good.
  • Once in a while, a reality check is needed.
  • This is the break the earth deserves.
  • Sending in countless blessings your way.
  • Some deeds are selfless & people who do those are priceless.
  • Yayy, more days to explore and invent.
  • Together we stand & that’s why we win.
  • We won’t be able to ever repay you.
  • Life in Quarantine is far better than death by non-quarantine.
  • Hope is all I have.
  • Remember, you wished for all of this.
  • Took life for granted, now it’s taking me for granted.

Long Quarantine Captions for Instagram:

  • We were successful so far and we’ll be in the future, only if we stay at home.
  • You’ll remember these moments and smile in the future but before that do something worth smiling for.
  • We can live with what we have as long as we change who we are.
  • A pause is what we needed to check whether we’re heading in the right direction.
  • I know things won’t be the same outside as I left them before. It would feel deserted for a while, strange even to enter the same premises, live the same life, attend the same chores. But, are we going to be the same as well? No!
  • It’s okay to be at rest and do nothing for a while. There is no fear of missing out now, there is no one asking about your social life and how boring you are coz you stay at home. It’s okay! Nobody is thinking about you now and they never did.
  • You’ll love this phase more when you see what our saviours are going through. You’ll love this phase more when you see how the poor are not able to afford a one-time meal. You’ll love this phase when you introspect & see that this is what you wanted always.

Work from Home Captions:

  • When home doesn’t feel like home anymore.
  • Work is where home is.
  • Holidays! What is that?
  • ‘Work from home and chill’ Never ever believe whoever says this.
  • The best thing about work from home – work in pajamas.

Things you can do during your lockdown:

  • Read a book.
  • Restart your hobby.
  • Paint it out.
  • Write a gratitude journal.
  • Revisit your childhood memories.
  • Learn what you always wanted to but didn’t get enough time to.
  • Explore varied fields on the Internet and try something new.

Some hashtags wherein you can find more positive content:

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Let’s check how Twitter is tweeting about:

Source: Twitter
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Source: Twitter

Use these quarantine captions for instagram to motivate others:

With the upsurge in COVID-19 cases, fear and anxiety are meant to stumble in. But, let it not get past you.

Let everyone in your network beam with positivity with these quarantine captions and spread smiles and laughter wherever you can.

We’ll conquer this in a matter of time, together.

If you want us to write captions for you then we are just a call or mail away.

See you soon on a positive side!

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