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18 Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra Captions For Your Pictures!

18 Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra Captions For Your Pictures!

The Rath Yatra in the Jagannath Rath Yatra is the biggest festival in Odisha and in many parts of India. This festival is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, his brother Bal Bhadra and sister Subhadra. 3 large raths (wooden chariots) are pulled by the devotees as they take the 3 deities from the Jagannath Puri Temple to the Gundicha Temple.

Dropping down some Rath Yatra Captions from CaptionWala!

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Rath Yatra Captions for Instagram:

The devotees of lord Jagannath celebrate Rath Yatra with the utmost enthusiasm. Here are some of the best Rath Yatra captions by Captionwala:

  • Jai Baba Jagannath! Let’s celebrate the glory of Lord Jagannath to destroy evil from the face of earth…
  • If you have faith, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Pray with all your heart to Lord Krishna and get all that you deserve in life.
  • Here’s bowing before the ruler of the universe on the auspicious occasion of Rath Yatra. Jai Jagannath.
  •  Hard times shall come to an end once you devote yourself to the prayers of the supreme authority. Krishna loves all and cares for all.
  • Every time when you think that the body cannot withstand such an effort of pulling the wheels of the chariot, God fills your heart with more power. Once you roll, you will not give up!
  •  If you believe that life is too challenging then it is advised that you pull the Rath once this year. All your challenges will fall short and you will have a new and fresh lease of life ahead.
  • May the divine Trinity bestow upon us peace, prosperity, and good fortune.
  •  Here’s celebrating the glory of Lord Jagannath and the triumph of the good over the evil. Jai Jagannath.

Rath Yatra Hindi Captions for Instagram:

The culture of Hinduism is such that the true spirit is expressed most beautifully by expressing your thoughts in hindi. Here are some rath yatra captions in Hindi:

  • Bhagwan Shri Jagannath ka aashirwad sada bana rahe. Jai Jagannath.
  • Shubh Jagannath Rath Yatra. Jai Jagannath.
  • Bhagwan Jagannath ke saamne sheesh tek kar saari pareshaniyon se chutkara paayein. Jai Jagannath!
  • Bhagwan Jagannath ki kripa ham sab par sadaiv bani rahe, yeh meri mansha hai.

Rath Yatra Teaching’s Quotes:

The festival of Rath Yatra can fill people with new energy and new passions. Here are the top rath yatra teachings by Captionwala:

  •  If you ever fall short of bravery, remind yourself of Lord Jagannath’s brave tasks and the forces he fought. It will fill your heart with energy and the devotion will drive you to the goal.
  • Visit the Rath Yatra to gain god’s blessings as you put in all the power to take his chariot to the needed distance.
  • If you want to serve for Jagannath Lord, then rest assured of immense love showered by the god himself. Krishna never disappoints and gets you all that you need.
  •  If you want to serve for Jagannath Lord, then rest assured of immense love showered by the god himself. Krishna never disappoints and gets you all that you need.
  • Forget the temporary pain, the blessings of the supreme lord shall remain with you forever in the pursuit of life.
  • As the yatra becomes tough, with every breath take Lord Jagannath’s name and feel energized.

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Happy Rath Yatra!
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