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61 Instagram Baby Captions For Your Adorable Little Baby!

61 Instagram Baby Captions For Your Adorable Little Baby!

The tiny bundle of joy, with sparkling eyes and shining smiling, has no idea the power he has.

There is no better feeling that being a mother, which makes you feel at the top of the world. God’s greatest blessing to anyone could be blessing them with a baby!

Looking for baby captions?

Instagram baby captions?

You are at the right place, and at the right time!

Captionwala is the one-stop destination when it comes to offering relatable, splendid and catchy captions for your babies.

Use Original, Use CaptionWala!

One Word Baby Captions for Your Awesome Blossom Babies:

Pair your baby’s photos with these cutest and adorable captions from Captionwala!

  • Toddles
  • Sunshine
  • Cuddles
  • Champ
  • Twinkle-Twinkle
  • Snuggles

Cute Baby Captions For Babies:

  • Mumma says. I’m single so sing me a jingle.
  • Only if kids were edible.
  • I hope we don’t irritate you much with our unconditional love, kiddo.
  • You are just the spark which was missing in my life.
  • There is no more peaceful feeling, than watching my baby sleep.
  • I was looking for magic everywhere, and I got you.
  • Let me love you a little extra, before you are not little anymore.
  • “Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart – “Winnie the Pooh”.
  • My morning sunshine, and my evening pace, my baby!
  • In the garden of life, you are my brightest flower.
  • You are the definition of purity and innocence.
  • A baby can outgrow the lap of the mother, but never the hear.
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Aww-Moment Baby Captions:

  • Up above the sky so high, you are my cutie pie!
  • Your first breadth, is all I waited for so long.
  • My home is where my baby is, my safe place.
  • We made a wish, and got the best gift, our baby.
  • A huge miracle in the form of a small baby, a beautiful irony!
  • Now I can say, happily ever after…
  • Thank you, my baby, for knocking at our door at the perfect time.
  • The sweetest little part of destiny. -Alicia Keys
  • Every time I count my blessings, you top the list my baby.
  • You are the reason why my heart smiles, and eyes shine.
  • All you need is a baby’s smile, to keep you excited for the rest of the day.
  • The tiny feet, have left a big footprint in our hearts!

Funny Baby Captions:

  • No hair, don’t care?
  • Hey Baby girl, 
  • Small and sassy!
  • Ice-Ice baby
  • You held my heart, and I’ll hold your little fingers.
  • 9 months of kicks, was worth the wait!
  • Instead of thriving on coffee, now I am thriving on love.
  • Adorable smile, Stinky life – Baby’s life!
  • The missing piece to my puzzle.

Baby Girl Captions:

  • I never though angels existed till I held my baby girl in my hand.
  • I am a barbie girl in the barbie world.
  • When she smiles, the whole world waits for a while.
  • Miracles happen, my baby girl is an example of it.
  • All my heart!
  • Your little soul has a beautiful home.
  • A lifetime of twinning with my babygirl!
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Baby Boy Captions:

  • The man who stole my heart? My son!
  • Cutest little champ!
  • Giving me the Sunday adrenaline rush even on weekdays!
  • You rule my heart, my warrior!
  • #Soulmates do exist, hence proved!
  • My ‘Son’ shine!
  • Can predict your fan following from now!

Baby Captions With Song Lyrics:

  • “There is something ’bout the way you love me, that finally feels like home.” (Adele, “Sweetest Devotion”)
  • We made the mash, she ate the baby mash (Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers)
  • Poops I did it again! (Britney Spears)
  • I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want: a nap (Spice Girls) 
  • Dreaming with my eyes wide open (The Greatest Showman) 
  • And all the mommies say I’m pretty fly for a tiny guy (The Offspring)
  • Mind on my mama, mama on my mind (Snoop Dogg)
  • I only love my bed and my mama, not sorry (Drake)

Baby Hashtags, To Give Your Post The Rush:

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Best Baby Songs Which You Can Enjoy With Your Little One:

  • Lakdi ki Kaati – Masoom
  • Chanda Hai Tu – Aradhana
  • Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon
  • Chandaniya – Rowdy Rathore
  • Chanda Mama Se Bhi Pyaare – Hum Saath Saath hai
  • Bum bum bole – Taare Zameen Par

Say Cheese! 

For every parent, clicking zillions of pictures of baby is a passion, as they want to capture every single moment. Once you are throwing with clicking your darling, make these memories count. Capture all the beautiful baby moments together and couple them up with dazzling captions from Captionwala!

Paste any of the baby captions stated above, and make your feed uber cool! Your baby is no less than celebrity, why not make him or her one?

If you want us to write for you personalized content or a specific topic, do write in the comments section below or connect with us. We’ll definitely try to fulfill your request.

Happy Babies = Happy world!

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