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88 Best Instagram Captions for Valentines Day with hashtags!

88 Best Instagram Captions for Valentines Day with hashtags!





So many platforms to tell your love what they mean to you?

So many ways to portray your love to that blessed soul whom your heart chose amongst millions of others?

But, nothing better than words.

Where actions fail sometimes, words can come handy. Use it wisely in your imperfect way to impress your Valentine this Valentine’s day.

And if you’re short of words, then Captionwala is here at your aid. A melange of captions for Valentine’s Day to yell out loud what you cannot write or say.

Give us a chance to make this day the most memorable one for you and your better half with this cupid, fun, and loving captions for Valentine’s Day.

Use Original, Use Captionwala!

Some Amorous Captions for Valentines Day:

Love needs no words but sometimes, words are all you have. Choose your favorite amongst the list, tweak it a bit with your feelings & Tadaa!

One Word Captions for Valentines Day:

  • Love
  • Heart
  • Soul
  • Angel
  • Joy
  • Dream
  • Treasure
  • Sunshine
  • Bliss
  • Forever

Witty Captions for Valentines Day:

  • Love is in the Air…Fried
  • You Had Me at Pizza
  • My Main Squeeze
  • Love is a Beach…and You’re My Ocean
  • Be My French Fry
  • You’re the Good Kind of Crazy
  • Let’s Get Nacho Average Valentine’s
  • You Make My Heart Skip a Beet
  • Love at First Sip
  • You’re My Butter Half

Short Captions for Valentines Day:

  • I don’t need Valentines to tell you how much I love you…
  • Valentine’s Day is just a celebration of what we call ‘love’…
  • It will always be my pleasure to love you with my everything…
  • I only fit perfectly in your imperfect arms.
Source: Freepik

Long Captions for Valentines Day:

  • ‘Will you be my valentine’, he asked. ‘What is Valentine’s daddy?’ his 6-year-old daughter asked innocently…
  • I always look forward to this day, it brings back so many good memories…
  • Let’s decide, whether I love you more than you do. Let’s toss a coin, if it’s head I win, tails you lose.
  • A big shoutout to those guys/girls who are single this Valentines, your other half is waiting for you too…
  • A celebration of love, this and every other Valentine, I just want you to know, I’ll love you even if you grow old.
  • Let’s make a pact this Valentines – who never gives up loving the other wins.
  • Don’t take me to fancy places, my heart is where you are.. happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I’ll always love you even when you don’t love yourself, I’ll remind you how gem of a person you are.
  • Taking you for granted was never my idea, you were my good habit and how should I break it now…
  • Awoke with your name and slept with dreaming about you, if this is called love, then I guess I have found it in you…
  • You taught me to love myself when the world conspired against my will. How can I not love you when the whole world is asking me to?
  • Actually, I never planned to propose, because somewhere I knew we were past that stage…
  • Your smile lights up my entire body system, it’s like a box of Nutella in the midst of deserted island…
  • Plans and all were your things. I guess it was your plan to make me fall in love with you…
Source: Youtube

Valentine’s Day Instagram captions for businesses:

  • Love is in the Details
  • Your Perfect Match Made in [City/Brand]
  • A Match Made in [City/Brand]
  • Love is Sweet with [Brand]
  • Love Grows with [Brand]
  • Our Love for [Product/Service] is Eternal
  • From Our Heart to Your Home
  • The Sweetest Thing is [Brand]
  • Love Blooms with [Brand]
  • Share the Love with [Brand]

Valentine’s Day Captions for Self:

  • Self Love is the Best Love
  • My Own Valentine Every Day
  • Love Yourself First
  • My Heart Beats for Me
  • Treat Yourself to Some Love
  • Love is in the Air…and in My Heart
  • Taking Myself Out on a Date
  • My Own Love Story
  • Spreading Love to Myself
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the One I Love Most – Me!

Valentine’s Day captions for Instagram Single:

  • Love is Everywhere, Even When You’re Single
  • Owning the Solo Life
  • Treating Myself to Love Today
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to Me and All the Single Ladies/Gents
  • Celebrating Love in All Forms, Including Self Love
  • Love is an Adventure, and I’m on it Alone
  • Single and Ready to Mingle…with Myself
  • Life is Short, So Treat Yourself to Some Love Today
  • Love is a Journey, Not a Destination
  • The Best Relationship is the One You Have with Yourself
man and woman standing under flowering tree
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Funny Valentine’s Day Captions:

  • Love is in the Hair…and Everywhere Else
  • You’re My Cup of Tea…or Coffee, Whatever Works
  • You Make My Heart Race…to the Fridge
  • You’re the Avocado to My Toast
  • My Love for You is Bigger Than My Love for Noodles
  • You Make My Heart Skip a Beat…And That’s Saying Something
  • You’re My Better Half…of the Pizza
  • Love is a Battlefield…for My Heart and Stomach
  • You Had Me at Chocolate
  • Love is Like a Rollercoaster…Hold My Hand and My Stomach.

Valentine’s Day Instagram Captions for Friends:

  • Friends Forever, Valentines Together
  • Love is Better with Friends
  • Friends Make the Best Valentines
  • Celebrating Love and Friendship Today
  • Heart to Heart and Friend to Friend
  • Love is a Two-Person Job…but Friends Make it a Party
  • Just Another Excuse to Hang Out with My Favorite People
  • Good Friends are the Best Valentine’s Gift
  • Forever and Always, My Friends and Valentine’s
  • Cheers to Love and Lasting Friendship

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These Captions for Valentines Day are just for you:

Love is in the air!

So, why not bring it on screens as well?

Select captions for valentines day from the above-assorted list of swish and sassy texts available exclusively at Captionwala. Whether you want to impress your better half or make them feel loved, these captions are something that may aid you.

If you wish us to write customized captions for you then don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help.

Go, win your love!

Happy Valentines Day!

Featured Image: Freepik

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