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21 National Tell A Joke Day Captions 2022 With Hashtags!

21 National Tell A Joke Day Captions 2022 With Hashtags!

Jokes have been around for a very long time now. People have always told jokes amongst themselves to evoke laughter, entertain others, start a conversation, or just lighten the mood a little. Telling a joke is no less than an art- you need to have the right tone, timing and choice of words so that it stays funny and does not offend anybody. National tell a joke day is observed to preserve the art of telling a joke.

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National tell a joke day two word captions:

  • Joke-Day!
  • Today & Everyday
  • Joke and smiles
  • Jokes? Hahaha!
  • Come on’joke!

National tell a joke day captions

A joke may sound like a very playful sport but the kind of joke a person cracks and the kind of joke a person can take tells a lot about the person. Here are a few National tell a joke day captions by Captionwala for you to use on your social media posts:

●      Your sense of humour does come out as laughter- if not on jokes then on everyday activities!

●      Most jokes are based on a deeper darker truth!

●      Learn to enjoy the joke without complaining about the target of the joke

●      The theory of a joke is simple- give only as much as you can take back

●      Life becomes impossible to live when you take all jokes seriously!

Corny jokes to share on national tell a joke day

Some jokes are such poor jokes that children giggle at them and even the adults cannot help rolling their eyes but laughing at them. Such corny jokes are evergreen. Here is a list of the most corny jokes for you to use as captions on the occasion of national tell a joke day

●      You shouldn’t write anything with a broken pencil. You know why? Because it is pointless!

●      What does one finger tell the other finger? I am in glove with you!

●      What is the name of an animal that falls from the clouds? Reindeer!

●      I have invented a new word called plagiarism.

●      Why was the mushroom most popular at parties? Because he was a fungi!

●      How do seas communicate? They wave at each other!

Witty jokes to use as captions on national tell a joke day

Who said jokes cannot be witty and intelligent? Some jokes truly need excellent wits for people to understand them. Here are some of the best witty jokes to be used as captions on the occasion of national tell a joke day!

●      Do you know what a claustrophobic astronaut needs? Just some space!

●      Oxygen and Magnesium are dating- OMg!!!

●      Sometimes I wonder if all this is happening to me because I did not forward that one message to 10 people 🙂

●      I just need 2 vacations every year- 6 months each!

●      I talk to myself often because – you cannot do without expert advice, right?

●      All I really need is- OXYGEN!

National Tell a joke Day trending hashtags:

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So what are you waiting for? Spread the medicine of laughter to all your friends and family by using any of these captions on your social media posts!

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