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Doraemon Song Lyrics you would definitely love!

Doraemon Song Lyrics you would definitely love!

Step into a world of nostalgia and whimsy with our collection of Doraemon song lyrics! The iconic blue robotic cat from the future has been a beloved part of many childhoods, and what better way to relive those magical moments than through the timeless melodies of Doraemon’s theme songs.

In this blog post, we’ve curated a selection of crisp and catchy song lyrics that perfectly capture the essence of friendship, adventure, and imagination.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of charm to your social media posts or simply want to immerse yourself in the sweet melodies of yesteryears, our Doraemon song lyric are here to transport you back to simpler times.

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Doraemon Song Lyrics (Hindi):

Jindagi sawar doon
ik nai bahaar doon
duniya hi badal doon mai to
pyara sa chamatkar hun
mai kisi ka sapna hun
jo aaj ban chuka hoon sach
ab ye mera sapna hai ki
sab ke sapne sach mai karoon
aasma ko choon loon
titli ban udun
Ha Ha Ha …
mai hun ik udta robo

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Doraemon Theme Song Lyrics (English):

🎶 So take out all your gadgets, the future’s in my hand,
We’ll journey through space and time, my secret gadget’s at hand.
No matter where we go, you’re the friend I like to show,
Let’s go to the world with Doraemon. 🎶


As we conclude this musical journey down memory lane with Doraemon’s enchanting song lyrics, we hope you’ve been swept away by the waves of nostalgia and wonder. These lyrics not only encapsulate the essence of Doraemon’s universe but also remind us of the enduring values of friendship, curiosity, and the magic of imagination.

Whether you’re using these captions to add a touch of whimsy to your social media posts or simply relishing the melodies that have accompanied us through the years, Doraemon’s songs continue to unite generations in a chorus of cherished memories.

So go ahead, embrace the delightful tunes and let the spirit of Doraemon accompany you, just like an old friend, wherever your adventures may lead.

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