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80+ Friendship Day Captions 2023 for Friendship’s Day!

80+ Friendship Day Captions 2023 for Friendship’s Day!

Friendship Day!

Friendship Day Captions 2023!

Friendship Day Gifts!

While you’re planning a friendship’s day party or a small soiree with your besties, you’re more likely to find these terms while searching for ideas!

So, CaptionWala thought why not make the process easy for you?

Find the entire list of Friendship Day Quotes and Captions listed below along with some peppy songs to groove a bit, some latest tweets about how the world is celebrating and popular hashtags to match up with your social media profile.

Select the best-suited friendship day caption, accompany it with some of your personalized touches, and there you’re friendship caption ready!

Friends are family. Do make them realize that!

Use Original, Use CaptionWala!

Friendship Day Captions 2023:

A greatest asset or pain in the head? What are your friends to you? Maybe, everything! Find these amazing Friendship Day Captions 2023 to dedicate, shower love and praises on them.

Source: Instagram

One Word Friendship Day Captions:

  • BFFs
  • Bestie
  • Forever
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Buddy
  • Amigo
  • Comrade
  • Mate
  • Chatterbox
  • Alter Ego
  • Friendlike
  • Soulmate
Source: YouTube

Funny Friendship Day Captions in Hindi:

  • You’re diesel to my vehicle. Tere bina gadi chalti hi nahi!
  • Yaara Teri Yaari, Fir Kyu Chahiye DuniyaDaari!
  • Kuch ache karm jarur kiye honge tune, jo tujhe main mila!
  • Ghar se nikalte hi, kuch dur chalte hi, yaad aai, teri nahi teri bike ki…
  • Tu hai to Duniya meri rangeen, tu na ho to rangeen ban jae namkeen…
Happy International Friendship's Day Images | CaptionWala

Funny Friendship Day Captions in English:

  • The day you were born, I guess Heaven would have rejoiced. See, nobody misses you the way I do!
  • Friends are for the life they say. But, I know only a few amongst them stay until the end. And I know, I am not leaving you any day!
  • For all the pains you have caused me, the only punishment for you is a lifetime of friendship with me.
  • You’re my safety pin. Only instead of patching up, you prick my nerves every time!
  • I never hesitate to call you when I feel sad. Simply coz you’re a breathing example of sadness. And it feels good to have company!
  • One and One are Two! But, with you nothing’s cool!
  • You were dancing badly. I was watching you. You stopped! I was still watching you. You came to me and smiled your devious smile. I stopped. I knew I was screwed! Then, we both started dancing just like you!
Source: YouTube

Friendship Day Captions for Best Friend:

  • Hey Best Friend, You were there when I didn’t ask you to and that’s why you own this title. Don’t ever think of leaving me.
  • Sometimes, you just know who’ll always be there without even exchanging words!
  • Although the list will be long, just know that I am ready to accept your flaws as you’ve already accepted mine. Welcome to my world, Best Friend!
  • When everything goes wrong as sometimes will, I know deep in my heart that you’ll be standing there telling me to chill.
  • Everything is visible in the actions you take. You’ve surpassed my expectations of a best friend!
  • Sugar to my Cappucino!
Source: YouTube

Dostana Captions for Instagram:

  • Yaari Teri Meri!
  • Tu Yaar, Mera Pyaar, Mera Sabkuch!
  • Don’t lie to people about who your best friend is, it shows in the way you behave with them.
  • Love toh hota rahega, yaarana toh hamesha rahega!
  • Dost hai toh sab kuch hai, dost nahi toh kuch bhi nahi!
  • Dosti par bhaari, yeh Sunita saari.

Facebook Friendship Quotes:

  • Tag those friends who don’t talk much but understands you the best.
  • Tag those friends who tell you to come early and they always turn up late!
  • Tag those friends who never have more than 100 Rupees in their pocket
  • Tag those friends who sing badly yet he/she will never stop singing.
  • Tag those friends who always wants a ride from you coz they’re too lazy to drive.
  • Tag that one single friend who can dance on any song with its signature steps!
International Friendship Day Quotes | CaptionWala

Friendship Day Captions:

  • “Friendship like ours: a quirky blend of laughter, love, and endless selfies! 📸💕 #FriendshipDay”
  • “Who needs a manual on friendship when we’re the perfect quirky duo, writing our story one laugh at a time! 🤣📝 #FriendshipDay”
  • “We may be a little odd, but our friendship is the cutest kind of weird! Happy #FriendshipDay! 🌈💫”
  • “Together, we’re the masters of quirkiness and the champions of cute! Happy #FriendshipDay! 🏆🎉”
  • “When life gets quirky, and the smiles get cute, you can count on our friendship to brighten any day! 😊🌼 #FriendshipDay”
  • “Our friendship is a special blend of quirk and charm – a recipe for cuteness! Happy #FriendshipDay! 🍰🎈”
  • “Life’s too short to be normal, that’s why we embrace our quirky and cute friendship every day! 💃🕺 #FriendshipDay”
  • “From quirky inside jokes to cute adventures, our friendship is a never-ending source of joy! 🎢🎭 #FriendshipDay”
  • “We may be an odd pair, but our friendship is pure magic – a delightful blend of quirky and cute! ✨🦄 #FriendshipDay”
  • “Together, we create a quirky symphony of laughter, fun, and all things cute! Happy #FriendshipDay! 🎵🎉”

Best Friend Goals Instagram Captions:

  • “Living our best friend goals, one unforgettable memory at a time. 🌟 #BestFriendGoals”
  • “When your best friend is your partner in crime, every day feels like a dream come true. 💫 #BestFriendGoals”
  • “Here’s to a friendship that sets the standard for all best friend goals! 🙌 #SquadGoals”
  • “Side by side or miles apart, you’ll always be my best friend and my ultimate goals. 💖 #BestFriendForever”
  • “We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all. #FriendshipGoals #BestFriends”
  • “Friends who laugh together, stay together. Cheers to our everlasting bond! 🎉 #BestFriendGoals”
  • “Our friendship is the blueprint for all other friendships. We’re the ultimate #BestFriendGoals.”
  • “When you find a friend who understands your soul, you’ve found a treasure for life. 💎 #BestFriendGoals”
  • “Every adventure is better when you’re by my side. Best friends for life! 🌈 #FriendshipGoals”
  • “In a world full of temporary connections, ours is a timeless bond. Forever #BestFriendGoals.”
  • “Through thick and thin, we stand tall as the perfect example of friendship goals. 🤞 #BestFriends”
  • “Cheers to the friend who completes my sentences and makes life a beautiful journey. 🥂 #BestFriendGoals”
  • “Two halves of a whole, that’s what we are. Best friends, soulmates, and everything in between. 💕 #BestFriendGoals”
  • “Life is brighter, bolder, and better with a best friend like you. #FriendshipGoals #BFFs”
  • “From sharing secrets to sharing smiles, our friendship sets the bar high for #BestFriendGoals.”
  • “Hand in hand, heart to heart, you and I are the true definition of best friend goals. ❤️ #BFF”
  • “Like stars in the night sky, our friendship shines with its own unique light. 🌠 #BestFriendGoals”
  • “Here’s to a friendship that’s unbreakable, unstoppable, and filled with love. #BestFriendGoals”
  • “Through ups and downs, we’ve proved that best friends can conquer it all. 🌈 #FriendshipGoals”
  • “With you, every day is a new adventure filled with laughter and love. #BestFriendGoals”

Friendship Lyric Captions:

  • “Jo Dil Mein Taare Vaare De Jagah, Woh Tu Hi Hai, Jo Rote Rote De Hassa, Tu Hi Hai WahinJaane Kyun (Jaane Kyun) Dil Janta Hai Tu Hai Toh, I’ll Be Alright.” – Jaane Kyu (Dostana)
  • “O jaate nahi kahin rishte puraane, Kisi naye ke aa jaane se, Jaata hoon main toh mujhe tu jaane de Kyun pareshan hai mere jaane se.” – Tera Yaar (Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety)
  • “Yaara teri yaari ko Maine to khuda mana Yaad karegi duniya Tera mera afsana.” – Tera Jaisa Yaar Kahan (Yaarana)
  • “Kahin gaalon pe laali hai, kahin jab khaali hai. Farq in mein hain bade, inhe farq na pade. Thode-thode se meethe hain, thode-thode se khatte hain. Ab ek hi thaali ke chatte batte hain.” – Chatte Batte (Chillar Party)
  • “Kahe to asamaan se chaand taaren le aun Hasin jawaan aur dilakash najaare le aun Tera mamanun hun tune nibhaaya yaaraana Teri hansi hai aj sab se bada nazaraana Yaar ke hasate hi, mehfil pe jawaani aa gai.” – Yaari Hai Imaan Mera (Zanjeer)

Some of the amazing songs for your besties on this Friendship’s Day:

  • Tu hi to Meri Dost Hai – Yuvvraj
  • Tera Jaisa Yaar Kahan – Yaarana
  • Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hai – Pal (Album)
  • Yaari Hai Imaan Mera – Zanjeer
  • Tera Yaar Hu Mai – Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety
  • Dil Chahta Hai – Dil Chahta Hai
  • Ek Hi Thali Ke Chatte Batte Hai
  • Jane Kyu Dil Jaanta Hai – Dostana
  • Purani Jeans – Sandesa (Album)
  • Apni Yaari – Sanam (Album)
  • True Friend – Hannah Montana (Album)
  • Masti Ki Paathshala – Rang De Basanti

These Hashtags are all you need to reach far and wide on this Friendship’s Day:

#friendshipday #friendshipday2023 #internationalfriendshipday #friends #friendshipgoals #friendshipquotes #friendzday #friendsforever #friendsforlife #bff #friendslove #bestfriends #happyfriendshipday #friendship #friendships#friendshipneverends#friendshipbracelets #friendshipwalk#friendshipcollar #friendshipgift#friendshipcircle#friendshipopportunities #friendshipa#friendshipsgoals #friendshipcouple #friendshiplove#friendshipismagic#friendshipforever #dost #bffgoals #captionwala

How is the world celebrating Friendship’s Day:

Bonding over Football!
Cadbury’s Strong Move!
They celebrate it too!
Agree or Agree!
Friends are all I have!

FAQs on International Friendship’s Day:

  • When is International Friendship Day celebrated?
    International Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year.
  • What is the significance of International Friendship Day?
    The day is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the importance of friendships and promoting friendship and camaraderie among people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • How did International Friendship Day start?
    International Friendship Day was first proposed by the World Friendship Crusade, an organization based in Paraguay, in 1958. The United Nations General Assembly later adopted the idea in 2011 to promote friendship and understanding among different cultures and nations.
  • What are some common ways to celebrate International Friendship Day?
    People celebrate the day by spending time with friends, exchanging gifts or cards, sharing messages of appreciation and love for their friends, and organizing social events or gatherings.
  • Are there any specific colors or symbols associated with International Friendship Day?
    The color yellow is often associated with Friendship Day. Some common symbols include friendship bracelets, heart symbols, and images of people holding hands or hugging.
  • Is International Friendship Day a public holiday?
    International Friendship Day is not a public holiday in most countries. It is observed as a day of celebration and reflection, but businesses and schools typically remain open.
  • Can I celebrate International Friendship Day with my online friends?
    Absolutely! International Friendship Day is all about cherishing all types of friendships, whether they are in-person or online. You can send messages, have video calls, or engage in activities together to celebrate the day.
  • Is there any official organization that oversees International Friendship Day celebrations?
    There is no single official organization that oversees the celebrations of International Friendship Day. It is a day that people and communities around the world celebrate in various ways.
  • Can I celebrate Friendship Day with my family members?
    Yes, you can celebrate Friendship Day with your family members as well. Friendship is not limited to just friends outside of the family; it can also include the bond with siblings, parents, and other relatives.
  • Are there any events or initiatives organized by governments or organizations on Friendship Day?
    While some governments and organizations may organize events or initiatives on Friendship Day, the day’s celebrations are mostly driven by individuals and communities who value and appreciate their friendships.

Want it customized?

If you wish to dedicate something more precise and personal to your bestie, benefactor, and your favorite person, then we are ready to serve you with our friendship day quotes 2023.

Call us or you can drop in a mail with your personalized message, and hear from us soon.

We know, nothing beats friendship. Although not connected by blood, these are the purest relationships alive on earth.

Let us be a part of your special message.

Let’s be friends!

Happy Friendship’s Day!

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