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Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Captions 2022 With Hashtags!

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Captions 2022 With Hashtags!

If women have to face the demerits of unequal pay, black women are all the more affected by this disparity. Out of the many disadvantages that women in general and black women in particular have in this society, unequal pay is one of the most concerning ones. Less pay is given to women just because of their gender or race and that is something absolutely unjust. Black Women’s Equal Pay Day is celebrated to acknowledge the rights of black women to an equal pay and spread awareness about this problem that often goes unacknowledged in the society.

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Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Quotes by Famous Women :

Though it is not untrue that women have been oppressed, the fact remains that it is the women themselves who have stood up for themselves. Here, Captionwala has made a list of the top quotes by women about Black Women’s Equal Pay Day that you can use as Instagram captions:

  • “Equality will be achieved when men and women are granted equal pay and equal respect.” – Beyoncé Knowles
  • “I don’t think standing up for myself for equal pay is complaining or something I should be afraid of.” – Gina Rodriguez
  • “I want to be paid fairly for the work that I’m doing. That’s what every single woman around the world wants. We want to be paid on parity with a man in a similar position.” – Felicity Jones
  • “Black women are the cornerstone of our communities, they are phenomenal, and they deserve equal pay.”– Serena Williams
  • “So I say to the women out there in America, let’s keep this fight going! Put on your lipstick, square your shoulders, suit up, and let’s fight for a new American revolution where women are paid equal pay for equal work, and let’s end wage discrimination in this century once and for all!” – Barbara Mikulsi

Short Captions for Black Women’s Equal Pay Day :

Sometimes, less is more! This is why here are some short captions by Captionwala that you can use on the occasion of Black Women’s Equal Pay Day that you can use on your social media posts:

  • Equal work, equal pay
  • Stop corporate racism
  • Breadwinners for the win!
  • Gender pay gap creates a rift in societal development
  • Equal pay is not about promoting a race. It is about promoting basic, human justice!
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Evergreen Captions about Black Women’s Equal Pay Day :

Social media is the loudest when it comes to cheering for justice. There have been millions of posts on the occasion of Black Women’s Equal Pay Day some of which are so powerful that they have shaken. Captionwala has made a list of all such captions:

  • Black Women’s Equal Pay Day means that I can assume my salary is what it should be, as confidently as any white male.
  • My colour and my sex does not define my competency!
  • Patriarchy and Racism should end in the corporate sector and the world!
  • Talking about diversity and inclusion and paying black women less?
  • Equal remuneration for equal effort is what black women deserve.
  • Equal pay for black women is their legal right.

Trending Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Hashtags:

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See How People Around You Are Voicing Themselves:

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Source :- instagram
Source :- instagram

Profess and propagate the idea of equal pay for equal work irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, sex, or colour! Profess and propagate Equal pay for black women!

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