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36 Loved Instagram Anniversary Captions For Your Beloved

36 Loved Instagram Anniversary Captions For Your Beloved

“May you always be warmed by each other’s smile,
Always take time to walk and talk awhile,
Always know deep down you’re each other’s best friend,
And enjoy the kind of love that grows and knows no end.
Wishing you an ‘always’ kind of love!”

Anniversaries are an amazing time to rejoice and reignite the fire between two lovers. If your anniversary is approaching, you may want to post a lovely picture with your significant other to show off your love (because, why not!)

So take out your marriage album, the album of your latest trip together, or just random goofy pictures from the gallery and get ready to post them because Captionwala has the perfect list of captions for your anniversary posts.

Use Original, Use CaptionWala!

One Word Anniversary Captions:

  • Win-ing..
  • Forever!
  • Cheers.
  • Yours-Forever!
  • Better-Half..
  • Love-ly!
  • Permanent-Roommate 

Cute Anniversary Captions:

  • With you, life becomes better everyday!
  • Forever willing to catch sunsets with you. 
  • My smartest decision? To tell you Yes!
  • Not only cheers for beer, but cheers to life with you.

Romantic Anniversary Captions:

You are allowed to have a little PDA- it is your anniversary after all! If you want to add a cute, sweet, romantic caption to your picture, have a look at these captions below:

  •  Forever may be a long time, but I would love to spend it by your side.
  •  My definition of being happy is being with you!
  • Our anniversary is just a momentary celebration, but our marriage is a timeless one.
  •  Over time, it is not your perfections that I love, it is your imperfections that I admire even more!
  • Life with you keeps getting better- Today, tomorrow, always.
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Old Anniversary Captions:

If you have spent a considerable number of years together and are constantly marching on the path to forever, these captions by Captionwala will definitely fir perfectly on your anniversary posts!

  • Good love stories have happy endings but the best love stories like ours have no end.
  • Are we an old married couple? Heck yes!
  • “I have loved you for a thousand years, and I’ll love you for a thousand more.”
  •  “It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together.”
  • Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.

Funny Anniversary Captions:

If all your love is goofy and funny, why don’t you go for a funny anniversary caption by Captionwala? These captions can rarefy the humidity of romance, bring in a whiff of fresh air, and make the onlookers giggle with “awwww”

  • Congratulations! You are the one person I am going to annoy, guilt-free, for the rest of my life.
  •  Happy anniversary, my love! I want to spend the rest of my money with you.
  • Anniversary gift? You already have me and that is the greatest gift ever!
  • Marry someone who gives you the same feeling as when you see your food coming at a restaurant.
  • Yes, you snore every night and do not let me sleep, but I would not have it any other way (except maybe to stop snoring!) 

Instagram Anniversary Captions:

None of the captions above have rung a bell? Try out these by Captionwala!

  • This is a once in a lifetime love.
  • You know you are right for someone when they force you to be the best version of yourself and yet embrace their greatest flaws!
  • (Enter years) down, forever to go!
  • I would tread on the scariest paths of life with you only to have you by my side in the happiest!
  • As we grow older together, everything will change- except my love towards you!

Anniversary Captions Inspired by Movies and TV Shows:

  • “Wherever you are in the world, that’s where I belong.” (Crazy Rich Asians)
  • “You are the only thing I’m ever gonna need.” (This Is Us)
  • “I love you even when you’re sick and look disgusting.” (Love Actually)
  • “You are, and always have been, my dream.” (The Notebook)
  • “I’ve never liked a smile as much as I like yours.” (Schitt’s Creek)

Anniversary Caption Hashtags:

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The perfect caption would come straight from heart while the prompt is here:

These captions can make anyone overwhelmed when they see your picture. So post it together on your feed or surprise your partner by tagging them in such a post with one of the captions by Captionwala and make your anniversary as special as your love!

 If you want us to write personalized captions for you, then call us or mail us. We cater to our clients personally.

Happy Anniversary!


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