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19 Lohri Wishes Captions in English & Punjabi with Hashtags!

19 Lohri Wishes Captions in English & Punjabi with Hashtags!

Celebrate the festival of Lohri with fervour and enthusiasm and lots of Lohri caption wishes straight from the library of CaptionWala!

Click your best photo, look your best and put the Lohri captions written just for you. Tag CaptionWala if you want us to share it as well.

Use Original, Use CaptionWala!

Lori Wishes Captions:

  • Can’t keep calm, it’s Lohri.
  • All the Punjabis, on the floor!
  • Scintillating vibes and beautiful you <3. All set for Lohri 2023!
  • Too many more Lohri’s with you, love!
  • Let the fires drench away your fears. Bring you light and confidence, this Lohri!
  • What Garba is to Gujarati, Bhangada is to Punjabi! Life!
  • Dance till dawn welcomes you!
  • Oye Ji, Balle Balle!
  • I’m gonna dance from dawn till dusk, stay with me and watch me, love!
  • The only favourite festival of mine!
  • “Dancing around the bonfire, celebrating Lohri.”
  • “Lohri ki lakh-lakh vadhaiyaan” (Wishes of a hundred thousand Lohris)
  • “Lohri diyan sab ton vadhaiyan” (Wishes for a happy Lohri to everyone)
  • “Lohri da mauka, Lohri di zindagi” (Opportunity of Lohri, life of Lohri)
  • “Lohri diyaan yaarian, hove saari khushiyaan” (Friendship of Lohri, may it bring all happiness)
  • “Lohri di lakh-lakh shubhkaamnayein” (Hundred thousand good wishes for Lohri)
  • “Warm wishes for a joyous Lohri”
  • “Celebrating Lohri with friends and family”
  • “Lohri di khushiyaan, Lohri di zindagi” (Happiness of Lohri, life of Lohri)

What’s Twitter all about:

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Hashtags to rev up your Lohri posts:

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Hope you enjoy this festival to your fullest. Happy Lohri!

Feel free to reach us for any caption queries.

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