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29 Leap Year Captions & Quotes to make 29th February memorable!

29 Leap Year Captions & Quotes to make 29th February memorable!

If you’re looking for Leap Year Captions, then you’re at the right place!

One Day!

One Day in four years!

One Extra Day in four years is all you get!

29th February, that one day which showers us with opportunities once in the span of four years. So, why not make the most of this Golden Day? Optimize it as we live our every day, towards being the best we can.

CaptionWala gives you leap year captions to celebrate the day to the fullest with yourself and your loved ones.

Enjoy without guilt as life is too short!

Use Original, Use CaptionWala!

What is Leap Year?

A leap year is a year with an extra day, February 29th, added to the calendar to keep it synchronized with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which takes about 365.24 days. Leap years occur approximately every four years, but not every year divisible by 4 is a leap year; there are additional rules to determine leap years, like whether the year is divisible by 100 and 400.

List of Amazing Leap Year Captions & Quotes:

While you’ve given us this chance to write something best for you, how do we not make it the best! These captions are based on and around leap.

One Word Leap Year Captions:

  • Leap!
  • Faith!
  • Plunge!
  • Hop!
  • Dive!
  • Mine!

Short Leap Year Captions:

  • This moment is all you have!
  • Ready to dive in completely!
  • Take the shotgun!
  • It won’t come again! Make memories!
  • One more day, just as you asked!

Long Leap Year Captions:

  • You can be what you want. You don’t need permissions. You don’t need a day. You just need to accept who you are. You need to accept you’re beautiful. You’re intelligent & you can do it all.
  • That leap of faith when you know things won’t be same ever again yet you take it because you trust yourself. That’s bliss.
  • The moment you start believing in yourself, others start believing in you. Don’t waste time pleasing others. Make time for being the best you ever can be.
  • Life can be better. Life can be bitter. Life can be what you want it to be. Life can always be WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE!
Source: YouTube

Leap Year Birthday Captions:

  • I consider myself lucky as the entire globe celebrates my birthday.
  • When they smile for me as my birthday is just around the corner, I feel at peace even though it’s once in four years.
  • Although it’s once in four years, gifts to me are welcomed each day o every year.
  • I don’t have to put up with everyone. Blessed to have my birthday on 29th February.

Leap Year Lyric Captions:

  • Apna har din aise jiyo, jaise ke akhri ho. – Golmaal
  • Pal Pal Pal Har Pal, kaise katega pal har pal, har pal. — Lage Raho MunnaBhai
  • Zindagi kaisi yeh paheli haaye, kabhi yeh hasaaye, kabhi yeh rulaaye…

Let’s check what Twitteratis are tweeting about on Leap Day:

Some More Leap Day Quotes:

While we designed some captions for you, The Quote Garden after a thorough study came up with some profound leap day quotes for you which are listed below:

  • Surely this was a sign on Leap Year night!… It’s the 29th. Go in and win. Don’t be afraid. ~ A.A. Milne, Lovers in London, 1905 (a little altered by The Quote Garden)
  • A strange amazing day that comes only once every four years… A day of temporal tune up! ~Vera Nazarian
  • To find leap year you have this rule: Divide by iv, what’s left shall be, For leap year 0, for past i, ii, and iii. ~Harris, quoted by Denham
  • This is Leap Year, and ancient proverbs say, If lads don’t leap this year, the lasses may. ~Poor Sir Robin’s Almanac,” Observations upon the four Quarters of the Year,” 1792
  • It takes three springs to make one leap year. ~The Comic Almanack

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Use these leap year captions on your profile:

Make this day the best of your entire life.

These leap year captions are just to make you realise that we are there when it comes to writing your emotions. So, if you wish your caption to be more personalised, contact us and we’ll be extremely elated to help.

Happy Leap Year!

Happy 29th February!

See you, Amigos!

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