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25 Best Fortnite Captions For All The Avid Gamers

25 Best Fortnite Captions For All The Avid Gamers

If you know Fortnite, you know it’s an era of gaming for GEN Z!

Mobile or Console doesn’t matter, all that matters is you front of the screen ruling the way out and in to stay in the top of the grid. From 2017 Season 1 to 2022 Season 4 – Paradise, Fortnite has seen and grabbed eyeballs of almost every curious gaming mind in the world. To celebrate the moment of fandom of gamers, CaptionWala has brought to you some of the best Fortnite Quotes and Captions.

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Best Fortnite Captions:

  • I’m no noob, bring it on!
  • Oh, look, I found someone here…
  • If it doesn’t end well, the game was never meant to be yours.
  • It’s not a battle, it’s a WAR.
  • Hold your horses, we are gonna pass this.
  • Aye Aye, I found a rare.
  • I won’t lose, EVER!
  • The power is infectious, I keep on yearning for more.
  • Go, Go, Go!
  • Launch there, you buddy!
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Famous Fortnite Quotes:

  • “We see that as ‘Fortnite’ evolves, it’s evolving beyond being a game.” – Tim Sweeney.
  • “You want to stop playing ‘Fortnite,’ man, because you aren’t having fun anymore? Good. Go watch someone else. Go play another game.” – Ninja.
  • “If you really care about a game, spending a couple of minutes setting up payment is perfectly reasonable. It’s certainly happened with ‘Fortnite.” – Tim Sweeney.
  • “Fortnite is a fad.” – Dr. Disrespect.
  • “Fortnite is cartoony, if you want to use that word, and that’s going to a good turn-on for parents when they see their kids playing a game like that.” – Ninja.
  • “Actually, we got paid because the name Fortinet is so close to Fortnite, so I’m fine with their name being close to ours.” – Ken Xie.
  • “We see that as ‘Fortnite’ evolves, it’s evolving beyond being a game.” – Tim Sweeney.
  • “I’ll play anything Mario- or Zelda-related, but Fortnite is one step beyond me. I don’t get anything from it but motion sickness and an increased sense of anxiety about how violent future generations are going to be.” – Romesh Ranganathan.
  • We feel the game industry is changing in some major ways. ‘Fortnite’ is a harbinger of things to come. It’s a massive number of people all playing together, interacting together, not just playing but socializing.” – Tim Sweeney.
  • “I play ‘Fortnite’, I play ‘FIFA’, I’m trying to get into ‘NBA’ a little bit.” – AJ Tracey.
  • “If you play ‘Fortnite’ and you’re over the age of 13 years old, you’ve got a psychological problem. There’s something wrong with you.” – Dr. Disrespect.
  • “Everyone has friends that are limited to one platform and ecosystem, whereas what we’ve built with ‘Fortnite’ is a friends system that works across seven platforms. You can have friends across Xbox and PlayStation and PC.” – Tim Sweeney.
  • “This is something a lot of players don’t know. But if you enter a building and you hear a royal or victory type sound, then that means that building contains an epic or legendary weapon or there is a chest nearby filled with all kinds of goodies that will help your game.” – Ali McDonald.
  • I’ve always liked the competitive games. It’s hard for me to play games that are just kind of casual. It gives me another outlet for competition, and that’s what ‘Fortnite’ does. – Gordon Hayward
  • The genre thing is overrated, and the platform decisions are overrated. It’s what we see on ‘Fortnite’: so many of these gamers play on a variety of devices, so you can’t say they’re a mobile gamer or a console gamer. They’re just gamers. –  Tim Sweeney. 

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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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