Did You Know These  7 Mind-Blowing Facts  About 'Naatu Naatu,'  the Song That Won the Oscar?

1. It took Chandrabose 12 hours to complete 90% of the song's lyrics, and over 19 months to finish the rest.

2. The song was filmed for approximately 17 days at the palace, with approximately 1000 artists working each day, including at least 300-400 onscreen artists and several off-screen workers.  The estimated cost of the song alone was around Rs 15 crores.

3. The team took more than 19 months to finalize the track that we're dancing to today.

4. Composer Keeravaani presented more than 20 tunes,

and the current version was chosen by the RRR team through a voting process.

5. The choreographer designed approximately 110 moves for the hook step, but Rajamouli picked the one seen in the movie.

6. The palace shown in the song is the Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv, Ukraine, which is the official residence of the country's president.

7. Naatu Naatu, sung by Rahul Sipligunj and Kaala Bhairava, won multiple esteemed awards, including the Golden Globe, Critics' Choice, HCA, and Houston Film Critics Society awards.