Carlos Álcaraz's Wimbledon 2023 Win: Inspiring Quotes


I don't have any limits, I don't want to set any.

Nobody gifts you anything, I believe. You don’t just click your fingers and have the world at your feet. You have to work at things.

In the end it is about trying, failing and improving.

I am clear about my goal, I am clear about my dream, which is to be No 1 in the world.

At the end of good victories, you also have to enjoy them. You know, not to lose the feet on the ground but you have to enjoy them.

You forget the pain. You forget the fatigue, and you push through.

Confidence, for me, is to be yourself no matter what.

At the end of my career, I would like to be remembered as a good person, a normal, natural and happy person. Playing on instinct and joy are two tenants of my game.

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