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43 Birthday Captions to lit up your Day!

43 Birthday Captions to lit up your Day!

Amidst those chaotic mess

when I found you lying in my arms

eyes closed and slow breathing

about a kilo and a half

ecstasy and exuberance flowed through me,

coz I got you – a beautiful part of me!

Birthday Caption for a child from her mother! Sometimes, words are necessary for you to convey and let the other person know how you feel about them.

So why bother if you can’t say it aloud?

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Choose from the wide range of birthday wishes mentioned below and let words take the front seat this time to let your feelings flow.

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Some Amazing Birthday Captions to make you feel more pampered:

It’s your birthday and a mandatory day to post the immense love and care you receive from your loved ones. So, we are here again with a dedicated post on birthday wishes to make it memorable. Find a list of birthday wishes to choose from and you’re ready to add flavors to your birthday.

Birthday Captions for your Someone Special:

  • I don’t need a day to tell you how special you are.
  • You love your birthdays that’s the reason I try to make it special for you.
  • Remember, your first birthday, it was so awkward, I bought Pineapple cake hardly aware of your hatred towards it. Today, I can say I know you well, I brought Red Velvet ☺❣
  • I am blessed to have you in my life.
  • Thanks for coming into this world and lighting me up.
  • Everything may come and go, but your birthdays will always be special to me.
  • The best ever birthday gift I received is in the form of you.
  • You make me feel special every day and that’s the reason I am never excited only for my birthday.
  • Sometimes, I detest your birthday. I don’t want you to grow old, I just want you to stay the same.

Birthday Captions for Yourself:

  • Birthdays are always something I look forward to.
  • In those early day of childhood, my best memory was distributing chocolates to the entire class wearing a coloured dress. It felt so special.
  • I wish I had a public holiday on my birthday.
  • Can’t keep calm or whatever it’s my birthday.
  • Always, I want my birthdays to be more than parties and hangovers.
  • It’s mandatory for me to click tons of pictures on my birthday and post only one of the best. It’s my birthday!
  • I always find myself lucky as I have got people who celebrate my existence in this world. Thank you!

Birthday Captions Stories:

  • Cake and chocolates. This is all it took to convince that her birthday was today. Her memory loss helped him to celebrate every day as her birthday.
  • ‘What do you want for your birthday princess?’ ‘Just the two of us, not the entire world which is in your phone.
  • He didn’t know his birthday but his orphanage in charge made sure that every child had their birthdays celebrated.

Birthday Captions for Best Friend:

  • Sugar and spice everything nice,
    Let’s celebrate your birthday twice.
  • Your Birthday is like a mini festival for me. It just makes me doll up, get you gifts, and pamper you like a child. That’s what Besties are for, isn’t it?
  • If you are not excited for your friend’s birthday more than them, you have no right to call yourselves friends!
  • Party, Party, Party! The only ‘nara‘ of every friend on your birthday.
Image Source : Freepik
  • Tag your friends who never turn up on their birthday.
  • Party is every friend’s friend-right, if you don’t get it, steal it!
  • Midnight parties, calls, plethora of hugs, loads of gifts! Best Friends would go miles to make your birthday party, a success!

16th Birthday Captions:

  • Cherish these memories and treasures of Sweet Sixteen, it won’t come again.
  • This phase of teenage is pure bliss. Enjoy, Party, Live, Dance, Sing, Make Mistakes, do whatever you want, it’s your birthday!
  • Big Dreams and Little Fantasies, that’s what 16 is all about.

17th Birthday Captions:

  • Satra pe kabhi na khatra.
  • Udo apne pankh failake, karlo apni har kwahish puri, iss janamdim par jeet lo duniya saari.
  • Go and win the world. Start investing early on yourself and reap benefits later. Happy Birthday!

18th Birthday Captions:

  • Seize the moment and make it yours. Make this birthday worth remembering for all.
  • Do good deeds, spread positivity, and radiate blissful vibes. Be an epitome of Matured Teenager for everyone of your age.
  • For those who carry smiles in their pockets can never be alone on their birthdays.

19th Birthday Captions:

  • Whatever the world wants from me, I don’t care. I wish to explore the craziest paths, live the wildest dreams, and be an example for others to follow.
  • This birthday I know about the things which really matter and which never did.
  • Sun – kissed, star – bliss, moon – light! Every feature of the galaxy was found on her face as it was her 19th Birthday.

20th Birthday Captions:

  • As you enter you twenties, start building rather than destroying. Start taking responsibility of yourself. Start investing in yourself. Start augmenting your reality. Wish you a very happy 20th birthday.
  • Wish you an exemplary future as you enter the most important phase of your life – twenties! Rock it!
  • Don’t take me for granted for, as I have grown wiser than I was.
  • Even a twentieth birthday is incomplete without celebrating it with friends and family.
  • Ready to rock and roll, as you are twenty years old!

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Peppy and Mandatory Birthday Songs to spice up your birthday wishes:

  • Baar Baar Din Aaye – Farz
  • Chote Tera Birthday Aaya – Krantiveer
  • Aww Tera Birthday Aaya – ABCD 2
  • Hum bhi Agar Bacche Hote – Door Ki Awaz
  • Happy Birthday Song – Ishq Forever
  • Happy Budday – Kill Dil
  • Badhai Ho Badhai Janam Din Ki – Mera Munna
  • Tum Jiyo Hazaaro Saal – Sujata
  • Happy Birthday to you – DJ BoBo
  • Happy Birthday – Justin Beiber
  • Happy Birthday Tune for Romantic Couples
Birthday Special Audio-Video Jukebox!

To get these songs you can refer the link and add it to your list of birthday songs.

So, how are birthdays celebrated across the globe, let’s take a peek:

Every Dog has his day!
Birthday away from Home!
Feeling lucky?

Goodness exists!

How do I use these Birthday Captions?

Plain simple.

Select a picture or a group of pictures to post on your social media channels.

Edit, Add filters, the location and everything else you need to make it look perfect.

Choose the best suited birthday caption from the list above and you’re good to go!

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Cheers! As you are growing one more year older, wiser, and sharper!

Happy Birthday!

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